Over the last 18 years I have been working with Reel Girls Media Inc., as New Media Project Manager. After moving from Alberta to Ontario 7 years ago, I continue to collaborate on new projects with Reel Girls in addition to working part time with the non-profit Adult Learning Centre. I most recently completed work on the Adult Learning Centre site, and prior to that, the First Kiss and Other Rites of Passage site. Other websites I developed include Discovery Place Preschool. Quirky Art Cafe, and Lie Detective. Prior to that, I worked on the international award-winning sites Anash Interactive, Booked.tv and wildfiles.tv as well as creating graphics and SFX for the 13 episode - WildFiles.TV television series for children - which aired on ACCESS TV.

Some of my many contributions to Reel Girls projects include: programming; creative design and illustrative content; layout and design of a kid-created e-Zine; site narration; photography; funding applications; as well as planning and implementing Usability Analyses and Focus Group tests.

I am an honours graduate of the Multimedia Program at Alberta College Edmonton and during that time, I focused on Editing, Videography, 3D Graphics and Animation. I am also a recipient of the CFTPA mentorship.

Please visit the Adult Learning Centre,  First Kiss and Other Rites of Passage , Lie Detective, Anash Interactive, Booked, Wildfiles, or Reel Girls Media websites to get an idea of the work I've been doing for the last several years.