Over the last 16 years I have been working with Reel Girls Media Inc., as New Media Project Manager. After moving from Alberta to Ontario 5 years ago, I continue to collaborate on new projects with Reel Girls in addition to working part time with the non-profit Adult Learning Centre. I most recently completed work on the First Kiss and Other Rites of Passage site and I am currently working on a redesign of the Adult Learning Centre site. Recent websites I developed include Discovery Place Preschool and Lie Detective. Prior to that, I worked on the international award-winning sites Anash Interactive, Booked.tv and wildfiles.tv as well as creating graphics and SFX for the 13 episode - WildFiles.TV television series for children - which aired on ACCESS TV.

Some of my many contributions to Reel Girls projects include: programming; creative design and illustrative content; layout and design of a kid-created e-Zine; site narration; photography; funding applications; as well as planning and implementing Usability Analyses and Focus Group tests.

I am an honours graduate of the Multimedia Program at Alberta College Edmonton and during that time, I focused on Editing, Videography, 3D Graphics and Animation. I am also a recipient of the CFTPA mentorship.

Please visit the First Kiss and Other Rites of PassageDiscovery Place Preschool, Lie Detective, Anash Interactive, Quirky Art Café, Booked, Wildfiles, or Reel Girls Media websites to get an idea of the work I've been doing for the last several years.